Re: Two free Sociocracy Overview Classes, Mar 16, 18
From: Diana Leafe Christian (
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 08:52:02 -0800 (PST)
Hello Chris and all,
         While we do make recordings of each session in our 10-week sociocracy 
course and send them to participants in that course, we make them of our free 
classes only so we ourselves can watch the videos later in order see what works 
well or not so we can keep improving these free classes.  
        However, we don't make recordings of these classes available to people 
who sign up for them. This is because we're doing this not only to offer 
something useful to others, but also to promote our online course, and don't 
want to give away our product (or rather, our service) for free. Free classes 
for people who sign up for the classes are one thing, as we can create a sense 
of getting to know people, and some of them sign up for our course, which is 
great! And  . . we like to do it. However, recordings of our teaching sessions 
that can go out there into the world at large, with no connection or 
relationship with the people who watch them, are like "giving away the store," 
and that's another thing. 
        We do offer private courses for individual nonprofits, businesses, or 
intentional communities, and I've done this several times. So I could do a 
course for your company itself. The times for private courses can be at any 
time of day, such as during the daytime on a weekend, which can accommodate 
people in the UK and Europe. Also, it's likely that in our 10-week online 
public courses scheduled for September, we'll offer a class at a weekend 
daytime time like this.
        Two other organizations that offer sociocracy training online are The 
Socicoracy Consulting Group (TSCG) 
<>   and Sociocracy for All (SoFA) <>
        All good wishes, Diana

> On Mar 5, 2021, at 9:17 AM, Chris Hansen <itschrishansen [at]> 
> wrote:
> Hi Diana
> I'm wondering whether your sociocracy overviews will also be videoed and
> available after they are given?
> I'd like to do this with my operations manager, who lives in Scotland, so
> 8pm here is 1am there. I live in Burlington, Vt East Village CoHousing, and
> am considering sociocracy for the organization I run (
> I know there's other sociocracy courses available also- any you recommend?
> Thanks!

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