offensive words in the cohousing game
From: Melanie G (
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 10:56:19 -0800 (PST)
Words matter.  I have been learning a lot lately, and one big learning for
me is that none of us living in the structures of this world of oppression
and "might makes" right thinking are free of trauma.  Trauma is not what
happens to you, it is what you are able (or most likely not) to do about
it, and whether you are alone with it.

I am so glad to see labels being discussed here.  Another thing I am
learning is that "personalities" are simply the way our minds have
developed habits about how to respond to situations.  If anyone is
interested in more, here is the book I am currently reading and heartily

Even "professionals" using the DSM V can be quite biased, and misguided
when assigning some diagnosis to someone.  I am sure everyone here has had
moments when they wondered what a psychiatrist might label them as, right?
We are all trying to help, and labels more often harm than help when
applied to living beings.

disclaimer, all this is my own opinion and I am thrilled to learn new
things, even if they prove the previous learnings obsolete

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