Re: Seeking software options for our community portal
From: Tom @ Gather (
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 06:28:21 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Lisa! Gather founder here. Let me address your items one by one:

> Seamless integration with Google Workspace and apps (calendar, docs,
forms, etc)

Gather has some Google Calendar integration and more is under development
right now. Tight integration with Google Drive is also high on the roadmap
as this is something a lot of communities need. A lot of communities are
using a shared Google Drive folder right now with files owned by many
different people. This is a dangerous model as important files tend to
disappear as people leave the community over time. I know because this has
happened to our community! We have a plan to address this with our

> Facilitates team communication and collaboration

Gather offers email lists via integration with our own in-house Mailman
server, as well as a Discourse forum if your community is so inclined.
Collaboration also happens on the wiki, via the shared work system, and of
course shared meals!

> Promotes member engagement, connections and knowledge sharing

Much of my response to the last point is also relevant here. The Gather
directory also promotes getting to know neighbors and connecting with ease.

> Utilizes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (inclusive design)

Gather features a simple, high contrast design that should play well with
screen readers, though we haven't tested it rigorously. Would be happy to
devote resources to that. We have had a lot of reports that Gather does
well with technophobic users due to its simplicity and ease of use. Gather
is fully responsive so it works great on mobile devices.

> Streamlines specific processes, such as facility service requests

We don't have this yet but it's also high on the roadmap. Also a big need
for my own community (I'm on the Maintenance Committee!)

> Provides security and levels of sharing/editing permissions

Security is of the utmost importance on the Gather project. We use industry
standard frameworks, tools, and techniques. Our team is made up of
professionals with decades of experience. As for permissions, there are a
variety of system roles with certain extra permissions. Further
customization is planned.

> What does your community use for your intranet platform?

Gather has about 13 paying communities at the moment, with a few more
kicking the tires. Hope you'll consider joining them!

Tom for the Gather Team

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