Re: Seeking software options for our community portal
From: Sean Davey (
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 04:05:43 -0700 (PDT)
Mosaic is a comprehensive and customizable platform for creating sites for 
cohousing communities. All hosting and software modifications to match your 
community’s processes are completely free of charge. For more info, please see
or contact me at sean [at] with any questions. 


> On Mar 15, 2021, at 13:37, Lisa Kuntz <lisa.kuntz [at]> wrote:
> Daybreak Cohousing is seeking an accessible-for-all, user-friendly intranet 
> platform to replace our classic Google site created 10+ years ago. Adults 
> range in age from 20s to 80s, with over half over 60. Technical literacy 
> abilities are diverse. Personal technical support is limited.
> Our requirements and goals: 
> Seamless integration with Google Workspace and apps (calendar, docs, forms, 
> etc)
> Facilitates team communication and collaboration
> Promotes member engagement, connections and knowledge sharing
> Utilizes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (inclusive design)
> Streamlines specific processes, such as facility service requests
> Provides security and levels of sharing/editing permissions
> What does your community use for your intranet platform?
> Are you satisfied with your choice? Pros/cons?   
> What platforms did you consider before making a decision? 
> Atlassian Confluence
> WordPress
> New Google Sites
> Other cloud-based intranet solutions? 
> Membership Team and Portal Team
> <>

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