[event] Mar 19-21 :: Spring Regional Community Conference (SWICA)
From: Neil Planchon (neilswansway.com)
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 13:23:10 -0700 (PDT)
Hello everyone 

Below is a direct cut and paste of the reminder announcement for Friday March 
19 - Sunday March 21 South West Intentional Communities Alliance 2021 Spring 
Conference: "Community Where You Are”.

You can learn more about SWICA and join the event by visiting here 
https://kontara.com/SWICA/events/. Suggested donation: $5 

Thank you to Cohousing California https://calcoho.org and the Foundation for 
Intentional Community (FIC) https://www.ic.org for sponsoring this event!


Our Community Conference begins this Friday evening, March 19. We have as our 
opening speaker, Diana Leafe Christian, author of several excellent books on 
Intentional Community, including "Creating a Life Together". She will be 
guiding us on the best ways she has seen and experienced in her long witness of 
communities starting, and sadly often failing due to factors she has come to 
know as essential not being included.

Our Keynote Speaker is Lois Arkin, well known as the shaker and mover of Los 
Angeles Eco-Village, an exemplary community in the heart of Los Angeles. She 
will be helping us see how we can create community, regardless where we are 
living. Her wisdom of what works and what doesn't is invaluable.

Crystal Farmer is also becoming well known with her new book, "The Token: 
Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization". Especially 
appropriate for our times, she will be holding workshop to help us encourage 
that diversity in our own environment.

There will be opportunity to talk and network between sessions where you can 
find out what others are up to and ask questions. If you are in community 
already, feel free to speak about yours during that time. We are calling that 
time "Chit-Chatting in the Parking Lot".

Lunch and Fun on Sunday will be a time for you to get your Inner Child out and 
play.  Feel free to bring your musical instrument to entertain us, crack 
(politically correct) jokes or, if you dare, show us how you have "No Talent".  
Prep your virtual potluck and have a seat.

We will be wrapping it up by having a Panel discussion on what the future may 
hold for us, as the times they are a changin'. What has the Communities 
Movement come to look like now and where are we going?

To learn more and register, visit https://kontara.com/SWICA/events/

In fellowship,
Werner Kontara
SWICA Event Coordinator


Neil Planchon
Events Team Volunteer. Cohousing Association
Steering Committee. Cohousing Research Network 
Co-Developer and Founding Owner. Swan’s Market Cohousing
Co-Director, Ads & Development. Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC)
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