Read/hear how others govern and make decisions in cohousing
From: Ted J Rau (
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 03:49:05 -0700 (PDT)
Hey cohousing friends,

Sharing with you some opportunities offered by Sociocracy For All that are
useful to intentional communities:

   - All our articles, *case studies of communities and their governance*,
   and videos related to governance and *meeting facilitation* in
   intentional communities are on the intentional communities page
   It's quite a treasure box!

   - We're doing a *beginner class (6h)*
   <> on April
   22/23 (three hours each). Those are practical, connecting and let you try
   out some facilitation tools.

   - Cohousing is part of a bigger movement for *a better world for
   everyone*! Meet cohousing friends but also people from aligned movements
   at our Sociocracy Online Conference
   <> on May
   6. Sociocracy in housing coops, sociocracy with children, in a whole town,
   diversity and inclusion ... another treasure box! 🙂



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