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Subject: Re: [research-l] Welcoming new folks to our (Cohousing Research
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Hi All,

tldr: Questionnaire to help make cohousing more affordable!

I'm finally through ethics for this first part of my research, which is
basically to crowdsource the knowledge and ideas around cohousing and
affordability through a questionnaire / interview process. See below the
info and links to two versions of the questionnaire if you have time and
interest! Also, share widely. Would love to capture as much of the
collective knowledge and ideas on this topic so that potential tools are
more broadly relevant!

My name is Wendy Reid Fairhurst and I am currently studying how to make
cohousing more affordable and help get more cohousing built (in Canada
specifically, but I think the findings will be transferable to the US). I
am looking for anyone with experience (successful or not) with developing
cohousing, living in cohousing, trying to find cohousing, or just
interested in cohousing to complete this survey about the problems with the
current cohousing model and ideas for how it can become an option for more
people. More information about me, the research project and ethics can be
found at the top of the google form. Close the browser or navigate away
from the form at any time to cancel your participation. Nothing will be
collected until you select the “Submit Form” button at the end of the
questionnaire. Thanks so much for considering participating, and please
share with anyone you think might have insights into creating a more
inclusive cohousing model. There are two versions so self-select the one
that best fits:

Link to questionnaire for people working in the cohousing field:

Link to questionnaire for people with lived experience with cohousing (ex.
want to live in cohousing, currently live in cohousing, working on
developing cohousing, etc.): https://forms.gle/uYzYZF4yhRSghXU48

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