Cohousing in uniques structures
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Cohousing in uniques structures [was: Re: New weekly summary
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-32849
         REPLIES FROM:  Fred H Olson-32844, Naomi Anderegg-32845,
         Holly McNutt-32846, Ingram  Paperny-32847, Naomi
         Anderegg-32848, James Kacki-32852, Sheila Hoffman-32855

Re: Rental policies
         REPLY FROM:  Kay Argyle-32860

Re: Right of First Refusal
         REPLY FROM:  Kay Argyle-32856

Re: What are your Dues Payment Policy: late payment fees?
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Argyle-32857, Rick Gravrok-32859

Re: work-or-pay system - legalities? general advice?
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Argyle-32850, Sharon Villines-32851

Mid Atlantic Cohousing Sponsors Liz Walker Book Tour ... and a CONTEST!
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-32858
         REPLY FROM:  Donna Niemann-32862

Please Donate Services and Goods to Benefit Auction at 2011 Nat'l Cohousing 
         FROM:  Jennifer Ryan-32854

1-4 week rental in Jamaica Plain by cohousing affiliates
         FROM:  David Heimann-32853

amazing property for a cohousing start   FROM:  Rebecca Reid-32861

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