Connecting in Cohousing Keynote and Session 1
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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 08:09:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES!

As West African elder, Malidoma Somé says, “Conflict is the spirit of the 
relationship asking itself to deepen.” Join YES! Executive Director Shilpa Jain 
for a heart-opening and thought-provoking conversation on building bridges and 
working with conflicts. She’ll offer a look at what stands in our way as well 
as share a few practices to bring more awareness and better equip ourselves to 
transform breakdowns into breakthroughs — to bring forth connection, wholeness, 
and healing, for ourselves, each other and our world.

Session 1

Tricks and Tools for Creating Effective Egalitarian Culture in Community

CJ O’Reilly

How can a community help develop and maintain a culture of equitable and 
empowered membership? How can we make decisions effectively as a group? No 
matter your governance system, from Sociocracy, to majority vote or consensus, 
or whatever hybrid, there are many tools and which can be applied to help 
empower and balance voices, participation and decision making.
This presentation is an introduction to some basic principles of effective 
egalitarian governance and ways to inject or build that culture in community 
settings. The presentation will include a balance of group participation and 

How Conflict Leads to Consensus

Martie Weatherly

Welcome Conflict! How do we do that?
• Listen with honor and respect
• Don’t shy away from people who are ‘different’. 
• Discover common values. 
• Be curious about finding common ground. 
• Interactive with Q&A along the way.

Relational Accessibility in Cohousing Communities

Jen Ham

This talk explores how cohousing communities activate a sense of 
interdependence which cultivates a way of living where disabled and 
non-disabled individuals alike co-create a system of accessibility which 
organically and reciprocally meets the needs of community members.

Facilitated Discussion with Mukunda Das

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