Re: community guidelines re covid vaccinations
From: fernselzer (
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021 11:22:02 -0700 (PDT)
Hi everyone:
1.In our rather small community (11 townhomes) our common house team had less 
community work to do than usual, since the CH is rarely used and people need 
to, themselves, clean well after use.  So most of those CH team members took 
over the job of researching and proposing our COVID guidelines.  
2.They came up with a proposal with much interaction over email with the rest 
of the community.  3. The proposal went to our regular community meeting for 
discussion and approval.  Exceptions have been made as needed.  For example, a 
grandmother who takes care of her grandchild for some overnight visits asked 
for him to be part of the NBCH children's pod.  Requests for exceptions are 
communicated by email and we have been able to work all of them out easily. 
4 The CH/COVID team continues to be tracking CDC and other sources of 
information and asks community members to send requests for changes in our 
agreements, which are updated as needed, with the agreement of the community.
Everyone in our community seems to recognize the seriousness of COVID and 
wishes to follow public health advisories, with our own individual slants and 
decisions.   We have agreed,  with consensus, for  different "rules" for 
vaccinated and unvaccinated in shared spaces. That will be evolving of course.
Fern SelzerNBCH CohousingAptos, CA

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