Re: Do you live in [Senior] Cohousing? ... / Carleton College
From: Lauren Lake (
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 12:20:22 -0700 (PDT)
I’m class of ‘88 and living in cohousing. Happy to connect. I live in a 
multi-generational cohousing community in Oregon.

Lauren (Haworth) Lake

On 29 Apr 2021 Becca-Person Brackett wrote:

>I am on the Program committee for my 50th Reunion of Carleton Class of 1972.

>Planning for an IN PERSON Reunion in June 2022

>We are considering a presentation on choices for living out our senior


>AARP does have some articles on Livable communities, including cohousing.

>However ideally I would like to find a fellow "Carl" who is actually LIVING

>in cohousing. I, Becca Brackett, am still aspiring to it.


>Please answer off- list to

>Becca [at] cedarcohousing.LLC

>or call me



I persuaded Becca (my partner) that any Carl living in cohousing would

be of interest. Cohousing - senior or not - would be helpful to seniors.

So, any Carleton College grads out there?



Fred H. Olson Minneapolis,MN 55411 USA (near north Mpls)

Email: fholson at 612-588-9532

My Link Pg:


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