The list of cohousing groups on this serving thus far
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 13:11 CDT
In response To Duncan Blakes plea for addresses here goes the first 
shot at consolidating a list of groups.  Like most first drafts it will 
have some errors, omissions and such so send all corrections to:

Rob Sandelin
Robsan [at]

I'll update this regularly enough to be useful.

Anderson Lane Cohousing  Fred Olson   fholson [at]

Cantines Island Cohousing  Lee Haring  lehbc [at]

Cascade Cohousing  Ian Higgins   IAN_HIG [at] John Willson   
John.Willson [at]

Chapel Hill Cohousing  Stephen Hawthorn  hawthorn [at]

Kennebec Valley Cohousing  Grace K. Von Tobel  gkvontob [at] COLBY.EDU

Lake Clair Cohousing  Gareth Fenley  vanilla [at]

Monteray Cohousing  Judy Baxter  baxter [at]

Muir Commons  David Hungerford  dghungerford [at]

N St. Cohousing  Stuart Staniford-Chen.  stuarts [at]

New Cohousing  Eric Rehm   rehm [at]

New View Neighborhood Development  Nancy Wight wight [at]
Pablo Halpern  phalpern [at]

NWIS  LauraBagnall  Laura_Bagnall [at]

Nyland Cohousing  Jean Pfleiderer  pfleiderer_j [at]

Porchlight Cohousing  Stephanie Fassnach  fassnach [at]

Puget Ridge Cohousing   Larry Isreal lisrael [at] Marci 
marcim [at]

RoseTree Cohousing  Lynne Farnum  lf [at]

Rosewind Cohousing  Michael J. Pruitt  stoitt [at]

Seward Cohouisng  Fred Olson    fholson [at]

Sharingwood Cohousing  Rob Sandelin  Robsan [at]

Terra-Firma Cohousing  Jake Morrison  Jake.Morrison [at]

Tuscon Cohousing  Jim Ratcliff  jratliff [at]  Greg 
smithmcc [at]

Violet-Crown Cohousing Angela Alston  angela [at]

Winslow Cohousing  Tom Moench  moench [at]

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