Re: Leave of Absence
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 15:02 CDT
At Sharingwood we are just finishing up our options agreement for phase 
II which is a legal agreement for people to buy into our second phase 
of development.  In this document we set up a work commitment as part 
of the unit selection queue.  Your place in the unit selection queue is 
determined by 1. The date of your capital contribution and 2. The 
fulfillment of the work commitment. Those who do not fulfill the work 
commitment go to the end of the line below those who do.

What this means is that people who put in the hours and hours of work 
get one small benefit for that over those who don't, the ability to 
choose a lot first.  This way absentee members and people who don't 
participate get last pick of available lots.

The work commitment idea would allow someone to take a "leave of 
absence" within a year, with no damage to their status as long as they 
met the work commitment requirement during that year. (40 hours - which 
is pretty trivial really)

Rob Sandelin

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