re: leave of absence
From: Angie McGowan (
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 20:06 CDT
Steph Fassnach wrote in reply to another posting (I forget from whom):
>  Regarding the question of how a member who requests a leave of
>absence can maintain seniority, we use the number of months that
>equity payments have been made in our measure of seniority.  In that
>way, a member's seniority will remain on hold, so to speak, during 
>the time that s/he is away.
I don't know what you mean by seniority.  It must be important if you need
to maintain it,even at the cost of not going on holiday.  But we've managed
to get by without so far without any of us having it (or even knowing we
needed it).

Can anyone explain what it is and what the implications are if you lose it
(or have never had it)?

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