Re: Controversy over attached garages
From: Gayle Koszegi (
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 11:18 CDT
What about electric golf carts?  I think the problem of lugging
groceries and/or kids from the parking area could be alleviated if the
community bought a few electric golf carts.  They're highly energy
efficient and quiet, and they don't need a road; just a path or
sidewalk will do.  There could be a section of the parking area to
store some of them, and perhaps another area or two nearer the houses
to store the rest.  You'd deliver your groceries and kids to your
house, then return the cart to whichever storage area was most
convenient.  And when you needed to get back to your car, you could
take a cart from the nearest storage spot and leave it in the parking
area for the next person.

Gayle (cohousing wanna-be)
Portland, OR

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