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=>   ...cohousing in urban areas. I am part of an
=>organization that wants to study the cohousing option
     what's the org?

=> (re) development ideas in Chicago's urban
     The BIGGEST problem is the tenant-landlord
situation.  It doesn't work.  There are options.

=>   But, as either Thoreau or Emerson once said,
=>"Whenever I see somebody coming to do me good, I run
=>the other way!" - one corollary being:  "If it is your
=>intention to help the other person, expect nothing in
=>return, but resentment."
     By this, we mean, one cannot come in from the
schools, the church volunteer groups and the community
action agencies, nor from city hall with money,
education, and eager solutions;  without buying in, in
every way. 

     I suppose you want to "study" poverty, the homeless,
AIDS, crime, teen motherhood, institutional expansion,
neighborhood disinvestment, toxic dumping, lousy
politics, mental illness, corruption, injustice, drugs,
unemployment, racism;  using the current "ideas," such as
sustainability, diversity, environmentalism, ecological
whateverism, community planning, clean energy, midnight
basketball, GIS, etc.

=>Any help or ideas will be most appreciated.
     Here's an idea:  buy my house, help yourself.  I've
had it!

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