RE: Community Within in MN seeks members
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 11:17:36 CST
@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU:HS9981 [at] UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU Heather Sullivan-catlin
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In reply to Rob's call for examples of community creation such as
community dinners I'd like to let everyone know about a very interesting
       FAMILY, COMMUNITY AND HOME by Andee Hochman
       Portland,OR: The Eighth Mountain Press. 1994
This book "explores the rich variety of ways women have found to create
and celebrate important relationships, bring up children, mark the cycles
of the year, and cope with illness and death as well as day-to-day

One of the chapters is called: "Collective Inventions: Dinner Groups to
Co-Housing Communities.

It's a wonderful book.

Heather Sullivan-Catlin
Member of the Capital District CoHousing Group in Albany, New York
25 year old married female with one cat and one dog
Currently living in a two family house with our very close friends (and
    landlords) with meal sharing,co-gardening and shared dog-rearing.
Also, working on a doctoral dissertation in sociology at SUNY-Albany
    the subject of which is, you guessed it, cohousing.

 P.S. Joani, Thank You for suggesting these mini-bios.  They're wonderful to
read and I hope someone takes up your suggestion of compiling these bios!

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