Re: Affordability
From: Martin Tracy (
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 10:29:04 -0700
Rob wrote:

>>If a great person, who
>>is a single teacher, with an income of $22K a year and no savings can't 
>>financially qualify for any projected units, the sooner everybody knows 
>>that the better.  Either you can start looking for mortgage support 
>>programs early, or the person can realize that the reality of the dream 
>>of cohousing is out of their reach.

Sorry to disagree.  I know plenty of people with incomes in that range who have 
managed to accumulate quite a bit of savings.  And I know plenty who make a 
of a lot more, complaining that they're flat broke, while running their 
dishwasher, watching a new "Little Mermaid" video on a VCR on their big screen 
TV, owning extra cars, living in a house that, if they edited their possessions 
little, would be too big for them, and sending their kids to expensive private 
schools.  Not to mention their clothes, makeup and haircuts.

I'm not saying that there aren't destitute people out there.  I'm saying that 
most "destitute" people I've met obviously aren't.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  The lot development model (LDM) is 
the solution to the problem of affordable cohousing.  As Rob has pointed out in 
previous messages, there are many solutions a tightly functioning community can 
come up with to the problem of affordable housing.  Circle the mobile homes 
they can be replaced.  Circle the yurts, or Shelter System domes, for Christ's 
sake (literally)!  Help each other build!  Rennovate old homes!  Expand a barn!

The bottom line is you need a place to be, and a desire to help one another to 
achieve this!

At Sharingwood, Mary and Tony are talking of building a group house, to be 
with one or two other adults.  Tony will help build it.  The total mortgage 
be "affordable" on a per person basis.  This is a win-win affordable solution, 
possible because Sharingwood has a lot development model.
Martin Tracy, Los Angeles
mtracy [at]

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