common dining space
From: Cindy Stark (
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 13:38:12 -0500
Tom Lent stated:

>We have three scheduled dinners per week (and frequently a fourth
>unscheduled). We are a community of 12 households (two units currently under
>construction are still for sale for a total of 14 next year) totalling 18
>adults and 6 kids. Attendance at dinner is 100% more often than not, with
>guests sometimes pushing our dinner numbers up to 30 or more. Note that this
>is with only six households living on site (due to construction). Yes, we
>sometimes have seating problems. Don't under estimate the need for tables
>and chairs.
How many tables and chairs do you have in your common house?  How many
people can fit at one table?  What shape are your tables?  Do you have
spare tables (say, folding tables) that you bring out when you have
overflow?  Do you feel you have adequate room for overflow tables, if
indeed you use them?

Thanks for your help.  As John Major's post indicated, dining room size in
our common house is something we are currently working on at Wasatch



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