Aging in Place
From: Virginia Moreland (
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 17:14:55 -0600
I'm posting this inquiry on behalf of some of our East Lake Commons
members.  Many of us are concerned about people being able to stay in our
community as they age or become ill.  All but three of our units are
townhouses, involving two or three stories.

A small committee is doing some very preliminary investigation of how we
might provide alternatives.  For instance, our second common house is not
designed yet, and it's been suggested that several one room efficiencies
could be built as an attached wing.  Some of them would even like to
provide some kind of facilitated living - such as providing three meals a
day rather just regular community dinners. (But not going as far as true
"assisted living.") 

Since North American cohousing hasn't been established all that long, my
neighbors are especially curious about whether any special provisions for
aging in place with additional support services have been established
either in the longer-running European cohousing communities or other
intentional communities in the states. Of course it would also be helpful
to know what other "young" (or still-in-the-womb) cohousing groups might be
planning or thinking about this for the future.

I think the whole list might be interested in resonses, but you can also
contact the person who is spearheading this investigation for us. She is
Kathy Johnson, reachable at kathybjohnson [at] or (404)577-1498.

Ginny Moreland
East Lake Commons (Decatur, GA, across the street from Atlanta)
Whose boss, when he saw an elevation rendering of my three-story townhouse,
commented "Oh, I see you're not planning to get old, are you?"

And where we're in mid-construction and my house got a roof last week!
Lots of homes still available.


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