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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 13:01:23 -0600 (MDT)
This is not a statement against or pro any life style, just a reminder that,
according to feminist theory, monogamy exists solely to control and exploit
female labour, fertility, and sexuality. In fact, it is the control of
female sexuality that provides the means of controlling their labour and
other such benefits. This was the single most significant achievement of
patriarchal religions. The more patriarchal a society is, the less
monogamous men are and the more strictly women are prohibited from having
affairs or even any sex life at all. Archaic religions often state that
Goddess is not very fond of marriage.

Also, biologically, we are not monogamous in nature -- most of us are not,
anyway. In all probability, we came from the species that were bisexual and
matriarchal -- bonobo chimps, who are our closest living relatives (we share
98% of genes with them) are like that. They are highly sexual and apparently
evolved to employ sex as a communication and conflict resolution device.
Parents introduce their youngsters to sex (not intercourse) and the "teens"
practice it freely amongs themselves. They only begin to have intercourse as
adults. There are dozens of different sexual behaviours, and -- naturally -
there is no such thing as a rape. (Well, most of the complicated animals let
the females initiate sex, not just apes).

These facts are little known because anthropology is a very biased
old-fashioned science. The current issue of Ms. actually is devoted to the
sex topic and according to them (and many others) women are just as "driven"
to have "meaningless" sex as men. As a practicing homeopath, I know that
sexual needs depend on individual's genetic constitution, not gender, unless
either suppressed or overstimulated by a harmful upbringing.

There are some types of people (men and women) who have even more
difficulties than an average person committing themselves to one lover. In
particular, a well-known homeopathic constitution, called Lycopodoum, which
comprises at least a quarter of all Western men and women, has great fear of
marriage and, while having a very strong libido, quickly loose their
attraction to their partner and start having sexual problem (or affairs)
once married. According to one prominent British homeopathic physician,
Lycopodium people are very attracted to communal living and many were
hippies in the past, because they are very insecure and need to be
constantly assured of other?s acceptance of them; they also love power and
(over to the "Emotions, consensus, and power" thread) are usually the types
who like to intimidate those who they perceive as weak (tin pot dictators or
bullies) -- there you have it :-)  (I have spotted a few of these types in
my group).

There is a lot of fascinating stuff on bonobo on the Net, and in Scientific


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