Re: fences - immediate concern
From: PattyMara (
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 10:10:39 -0700 (MST)
In a message dated 2/12/00 10:42:16 PM , llandrum [at] writes:

<< Yes, fences do reduce the interaction of community >>

I disagree. 

Fences don't reduce interaction of community, people do.  (unless you are 
talking about 6-10 feet solid razor wired armed camp kind of fences)  

The fences that have sprouted up here at Tierra Nueva, central CA coast, are 
mostly for dog or toddler yards, sometimes to hide recycling bins and other 
outside storage, and sometimes to create a windbreak or alcove for outdoor 
dining or patio activities.  They are a variety of materials, from wire with 
a wood frame, to wooden slats, to strawbale low garden walls. 

Creating a policy for fences here occupied too much time in my opinion, but 
I'm in the school of:  if it's on private property you can do whatever you 
want.  There were many more folks here who all wanted a say in everyone's 
fence needs.  Sheese.  So we created a policy that requires any fence design 
to go to the fence committee for approval.  Then there's a two week waiting 
period after the approved design is up on the bulletin board, for community 
input.  Then the household can build their frigging fence.  This just makes 
me crazy.  But it is one of the concessions I make personally to living here, 
and it is worth it.  

patty mara gourley
tierra nueva, cen CA coast 

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