Re: When world(view)s collide
From: Brian Baresch (
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:59:04 -0700 (MST)
>(1) One group believes deeply that it is completely unsafe and
>    unacceptable for kids under 10 to be in the park without adult
>    supervision, even if they go there in groups of 2 or 3.  They are
>    concerned about "predatory types" doing something unspeakable to
>    their kids.  They are worried about the river.  Therefore, it is
>    "obvious" to them that we *must* build a play area specifically
>    for the bigger sub-teen kids, and that it must be in the central
>    part of our site so that parents can keep a constant eye on them.
>(2) The second group sees nothing wrong with kids that age going to
>    the park and back by themselves.  They reminisce about doing
>    much more dangerous things when they were kids, and just don't
>    see the problem.  The idea of building a playground on our
>    limited space when there's a perfectly good playground a couple
>    hundred feet away seems silly and redundant to them, a waste of
>    a very limited resource.  It is "obvious" to them that this is
>    a bad idea.

Has there been any discussion of arranging for parents to go to the park
with the kids, perhaps in shifts? It may not be workable with the group you
have, of course. But something like that, if it could be arranged, would
address Camp 1's concerns without committing to any large expenditure --
and if you decided to build a big play area, you'd have to do something
like that in the meantime anyway, right?

Just a thought.

Brian Baresch (non-parent)
Delaware Street Commons
Lawrence, Kansas

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