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261 Jacob Lane
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 445-3015

contact [at]

Greetings to all you Coho-list readers!

At Manzanita Village we are persons creating our own richly diverse
community, balancing group harmony with individual growth and following
the principles of ecological soundness, social awareness, and economic

We seek to live in an environment that is mutually supportive; that
fosters neighborliness while allowing privacy; and that encourages the
interaction of people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Northern Arizona's only cohousing community, our homes are built into the
hills of Prescott on 12 1/2 acrea adjacent to a 79-acre city park.  At
5500 feet we are one mile from the center of town, close to private and
public schools and colleges.  We have access to a wide spectrum of
cultural events as well as the natural beauty of the nearby lakes, parks
and trails of the Prescott National Forest.

As the developers of our soon-to-be 36-family neighborhood, we are proud
to be over two-thirds sold or reserved and one-third built.  There are
currently ten home sites still available.  We welcome individuals and
families with similar values to join us as we begin construction in Phase

Five standard home models are available in sizes 850-2200 sq. ft.  Lot
prices range from high $40's to mid $50's.  Our permanent Common House is
now in design.  For interested persons or families, we offer a free,
two-night stay in our temporary Common House along with two free meals
with members of our Manzanita Village family.

Inquiries are encouraged.  See our web site, e-mail us or call 
(928) 445-3015.

Please pass on the word to anyone you know who may be interested.  

Joan Burrell, for Manzanita Village
bljoan [at]

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