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From: Mabel Liang (
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 06:08:01 -0700 (MST)

What is the lead time on this?  In other words, when would the first
announcement appear?  We are close to move-in and have two units left, but
I don't know if we have specific orientation dates set up for 3 months from
now, or anything like that.


                                                -- Mabel :-)

Mabel Liang
Cornerstone Village Cohousing
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One townhouse and one duplex apartment left!  First move-ins in November!

At 08:01 AM 11/14/01 -0500, Catya Belfer-Shevett wrote:
>Hi all,
>We've discovered a great advertising/publicity opportunity with Mothering
>Magazine for our group, and I want to see if we can expand it to include
>other groups as well.
>I exchanged email with the VP of advertising, and she is willing to list our
>introductory meeting on the website and in the magazine at no charge, in
>exchange for sending us copies of Mothering to hand out (for free) at said
>introductory meetings.
>When I suggested that there would probably be other Cohousing groups
>interested in this sort of exchange, she responded that if we could get one
>announcement together with a listing of dates and places, she would be
>willing to do a general listing for all the interested groups.
>So, if there are other groups interested in this, please get in touch with
>me and I'll coordinate this - if we can agree on a basic intro paragraph, we
>can then list all of our intro meetings / orientation events under it.
>I know a lot of groups have commented that they are having trouble finding
>families - this would certainly be a good opportunity to reach out to them.
>       - catya
>Here's a possible format to start from, targeted a bit for this publication:
>Learn about Cohousing!
>Cohousing is a type of neighborhood designed and managed by the people who
>live there. It combines privacy and community in a clustered,
>pedestrian-oriented neighborhood.
>Cohousing is child-friendly, and committed to creating wonderful homes for
>our children to grow in.
>To learn more, attend an Introductory Meeting:
>MA: Mosaic Commons:
>    3rd Sunday of the month at 1:00 in Wayland, MA
>    508-869-8367 or info [at]
>(more group listings here, alpha by state?)
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