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From: Anne Jackson (
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:37:32 -0600 (MDT)
Many years ago Lois Arkin invited a guest to show slides of the newly-built
Muir Commons, and I was hooked. Now we are planning to show slides of Muir
Commons and other co-housing which were taken during Joani's great tour last
July.  You may be able to take advantage of the ads we are placing in Whole
Life Times for the next three months, assuming that it is available in Long

Co-housing is really taking off in this area, and I want to see it grow for
all of us. My job is to find a few more buyers for Oak Creek Commons, but my
pleasure is to share all I've learned in the last year. Having the experts
is great, and I would start closer to home to save money until you have a
larger audience. You might even want to combine with Vecino, Ojai,
Eco-Village, and OCC in L.A. for a bigger turnout. Even though they are all
within range, we are so different that there will be little or no
competition. Co-heartedly, Anne Jackson. A.Jackson [at]

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> >From: "christina guzman" <imdiabolita [at]>
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> >Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 14:18:09 -0700
> >We are in Long Beach, CA and are looking to form a cohousing group in our
> >area.  I need advice on how to "advertise" if you will to get more people
> >interested.
> Christina (and others who may live in an area where there is little or no
> cohousing at present),
> I think one of the best ways to get some energy going in any area where
> there is little or no cohousing, is to plan an event, most likely a talk
> a panel with a slide show in your area. Ideally, in California you would
> get Chuck or Katie to come down to do it. That is the best, IMHO, but
> probably also the most expensive way to do it.  The least expensive way to
> do it would be to invite Lois Arkin from LA to make such a presentation,
> she is willing and able. I've not met Lois, nor visited Eco-Village or Los
> Angeles, but I understand she is a remarkable woman.  Her community is not
> "typical" cohousing. It is not even "typical" retrofit cohousing, and I
> don't know how up to date she is on other than retrofit cohousing, nor
> whether she enjoys this kind of public speaking.
> A third alternative would be for you to invite  one or two of experienced
> cohousers from Northern California down to give such a presentation.
> are a couple of us (including myself) who would come down for the cost of
> our travel and homestay accommodations for a night or two. As a Board
> Member of the Cohousing Network, I personally would have another
> for doing a presentation like this. And that would be to familiarize more
> people in the general public about cohousing.  Even if people see a flyer
> about a cohousing presentation, or attend a talk on it and decide it is
> quite right for them in their lives now, the "movement" grows a little
> each exposure.
> If you think you can attract enough people who will pay 5 or 8 or 10
> dollars to hear Katie or Chuck, that would be the best. They have spoken
> Southern California before and could probably advise you how best to get a
> good audience for a presentation by them.
> Aside from a lecture/pane/presentation I think that the single best way to
> get a group going is to have two or three people from your area visit as
> many cohousing communities as they can. Two people from the L.A. area came
> up to participate in our six-community tour in May.  The next tour (this
> time seven communities including those in Sacramento and Davis) will be on
> September 14.
> NOTE TO THOSE IN OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY: Other cohousing professionals
> who live in your part of the country (Mary Kraus, Bruce Coldham, Ann
> Zabaldo, Chris Scott-Hanson, Zev Paiss, John Abrams) are often available
> give presentation to help drum up interest in your area, as are Cohousing
> Network Board members and other enthusiastic volunteers.
> Also, the Cohousing Network hopes to run tours in the Denver metropolitan
> area and in the Seattle area (as well as Northern California next year. I
> know that doesn't help your folks on the eastern seaboard, but if the
> go well we expect to expand them to other parts of the country where there
> are clusters of cohousing communities, in the not too distant future. Then
> there are virtual tours which may appear shortly (or not so shortly) on
> TCN's website.
> Coheartedly Yours, (thanks to Patty Mara Gourley for, closing?
> sign-off...what is the opposite of "salutation" anyway?)
> Joani Blank
> Cohousing Enthusiast
> Resident, Swan's Market Cohousing
> Board Member, The Cohousing Network
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