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From: Chris ScottHanson (
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:37:27 -0600 (MDT)

Generally, advertising for cohousing seems to be a waste of money, unless
you are placing an ad in an alternative newspaper, and you allow it to run
for a year or more.  Apparently, people find you by going back to an
publication where they remember seeing something about your community.
These can be weekly papers, or "New Age" papers, or the like.

It seems that the primary way to get the word out is word of mouth.
Secondary is small posters in the right places, like whole food stores,
cooperative daycares, Unitarian churches, etc.

Another interesting way we tried recently and had some success was a two
week sponsorship at the local NPR station.  LOTS of potential cohousers
apparently listen to NPR.

Good luck.  (Necessary, too)

Chris ScottHanson

on 5/24/02 6:44 AM, Amy Cervantes at cervanta [at] wrote:

> In addition to the local paper (obvious, I suppose) advertising in a lot of
> the
> local free papers (if you have them) is a good idea.  I found the add for the
> cohousing community that I am becoming involved with in a free local paper
> that
> deals with alternative healing and natural health.  Others in our area are
> less
> specialized (more like "what's happening around town" type things) but are all
> equally well distributed.
> christina guzman wrote:
>> We are in Long Beach, CA and are looking to form a cohousing group in our
>> area.  I need advice on how to "advertise" if you will to get more people
>> interested.
>> Thank you,
>> Chriss

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