RE: forming a new group
From: Ellen Orleans (
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:23:01 -0600 (MDT)
Dear Briget,

For ideas on getting a group started, look at the Cohousing Company's
website, especially the Next Steps section,

I've also heard that Chris Scott Hanson is good at locating land. 

But before you look for land, try to assemble 6-10 committed families
and talk about what kind of community (physical and philosophical) you
are trying to assemble. Which of the cohousing communities that you
visited most clearly matches your vision? What elements from the others
would you like to see in your own? Eventually, this can evolve into your
vision statement.

I agree with Sharon Villines: open a checking account. Money makes
things real. You can start with a $50 annual membership fee, for
instance, and give paying members the opportunity to vote on decisions. 

Keep track of the names and contact information of people who attend
your meetings so you build a strong list of potential members.  Hold
your meetings in cheerful, upbeat places, such as community centers or
library community rooms. Potential members seem to prefer public spaces
over private homes, they feel less trapped that way.

That's just a start of course. Good luck and by all means take advantage
of the abundant resources around you.

Ellen Orleans
Wild Sage Cohousing

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