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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 11:13:12 -0700 (MST)
Maggie- hello from over the Mnts. - my name is Ron Skene and I am part of
the Roberts Creek CoHo group- we are just at the construction stage now.
live 9 hrs away from the project in the Cariboo- I am on a committee to work
on our Consensus process and to seek out resources, trainings, workshops,
videos.................. on  how to go about creating the kind of skills,
atmosphere, process that leads to a functional group. It sounds like you
could be a good resource person for me/us. I would love to talk to you (on
my dime) if you are open to that, and or if you could email list of
resources suggestions ....

Thanks  Ron Skene
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> Tom Hammer wrote
> >Here in the middle of the East Coast is a vast
> >wasteland of no cohousing.  We're just an example of
> >one of many such areas in the country
> We are also in a wasteland for no cohousing.  There is only one project
> completed in the province of Alberta and it is about a 9-hour drive away.
> >Wouldn't it make more sense if money and effort flowed
> >the other direction, from formed communities into
> >specific areas of the country with no cohousing?
> I agree with this.
> >--Using the model of union organizing, could there be
> >paid organizers whose jobs it would be to travel the
> >country and help groups?
> Sign me up for one of those jobs when/if the time comes.
> >--Could be mass produced signs like the ones you see
> >all over for "work at home" "At last, affordable
> >health care", that say "Cohousing:  building a village
> >in a new way" or somesuch, the national website
> >address, and the phone no. of a local forming
> >community below that?
> We have a bumper sticker that says "Cohousing, the old fashioned community
> of the future" but that is all it says.  I like the idea of having more
> information on a bumper sticker and am going to look into getting some
> >--Is spreading cohousing part of the vision statement
> >of your community?  Could it be?
> We are an umbrella group and have only forming groups but our mission is
> promote the concept of cohousing in general.  We have applied for seed
> from several Funders who support non-profit organizations who do community
> development and are waiting to hear back.  Including a big % of affordable
> units qualifies a project for assistance and that is the route we are
> taking.
> >I represent hundreds if not thousands of other people, we'd
> >appreciate some discussion along these lines and some
> >help.  I'd like to challenge the creative and
> >intelligent folks I keep reading notes from on this
> >list to "think big" about some of these issues and to
> >take on the formation of spreading of cohousing as one
> >of the missions of your community or your life.
> Tom, you do represent how we feel about discussing this and seeing how we
> can both support this initiative and get some help too.  It seems to me
> first there needs to be a "training program" that produces more people who
> would be qualified to assist forming groups.  What could we do next to
> this along?  Does the National have any plans?  Is anyone from the
> org reading the list?  I do hope others on the list get involved too and
> respond to this thread so we have an indication of support for this
> initiative.
> Thanks Tom for posing your questions.
> Warmest regards,
> Maggie Dutton,
> Project Leader,
> H.O.M.E.S.
> Housing Ourselves Made Easy Society
> "creating a better way to live, one neighbourhood at a time"
> in Fort McMurray, AB. Canada.
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