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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 12:41:32 -0700 (MST)
Here we go again.

You may not know this Grace, about every 3-6 months, a graduate student, usually
in architecture, writes to this list serve and asks the same questions.  It
would be more effective for you to search this archive to find out who they are
and get their data from them.  There are very  few of us who are still
interested in answering these surveys.

Also, the last time this request  (last Fall some time?) was made someone on the
list suggested compiling these survey results and having them readily available
through the Cohousing Association (or whatever the national organization is now
called)  each time we get  these requests.  Was anything done on this?

One more idea I have is for grace to search our archives for discussions on each
of her topic questions.  This actually might be richer, though quantitatively
more difficult to work with.

Sorry I sound miffed and negative, but that's how this request struck me and I
was trying to think of more constructive ways these requests could be dealt
Anna Amato
Takoma Village
Washington DC

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I am a graduate student at the University of Washington studying cohousing
for my architectural thesis.  However, my focus is on the sociological
aspects of cohousing ? why people are choosing this over other "traditional"
forms of housing, what are the expectations/realities, is it as great as I
think it is/others say it is?

Following are a series of questions that I am pondering this week (I may be
posting weekly, so please take this as warning.  :-)  Please feel free to
respond to any/all the questions.  If you'd rather speak candidly and not be
"on record" with your comments, feel free to contact me directly at
gracekimarch [at]

Where did you live prior to cohousing (suburb, downtown condo ? specific
city/community would be great)?  Why did you leave / what attracted you to

What were expectations prior to moving in?  Have those been met?  What other
things did you not expect that you are pleasantly surprised by.

What are major problems?  (not enough storage, governance, people not
chipping in)
What do you wish was done differently during the design of the community?

Is cohousing truly a great place to raise children?  Do those without kids
feel like they are taken advantage of?

How are seniors integrated into the community?  Do they take on certain
roles?  Are there any stories to share about how seniors are cared after?
Special skills/talents that they contribute that would not be met otherwise?
  Have there been seniors that have aged-in-place (meaning, brought in
skilled care vs. moving to nursing home)?  If so, how did that work out for
the community?

Members with special needs ? does anyone in your community have a disability
that everyone helps them cope with (MS, blindness, mental illness, physical
handicap)?  How has that person grown in your community?  Are there any
special roles (or privileges) they have that others don't?

Thanks in advance to any/all that respond!

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