Criteria for joining
From: Susan Sweitzer (
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 08:15:22 -0800 (PST)
>From Cobb Hill Co-Housing in Vermont:

We are revisiting our ideas about criteria for membership and for choosing
between prospective buyers of available homes.  We expect to revisit this topic
periodically, and at present would love to hear from other communities.  What
have you found to be useful and less than useful in sorting through the needs of
your community, the potential new members etc.?  Has this changed over time?  

Our houses are on a hillside, in Vermont winters (read lots of snow and ice) and
on a farm (read lots of work to do.).  Plus we heat all the homes with a single
wood fired boiler (read lots of firewood to move). We are realizing that this
location and farm require a higher degree of physical work than we initially

We are also working through desires for more cultural and racial diversity than
we currently have in our little community, and that, of course, is enriched by
long and deep conversation and work on internalized racism, classism and so

Your thoughts and current practice would be helpful.

You can email me directly or answer to the listserve.  
Susan Sweitzer
ssweitzer [at]

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