Re: Feedback Requested Cohousing Plan
From: Abby Rutka (
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 14:04:09 -0700 (PDT)

First reaction - no one with a family can do this.
Next reactions - Why does it matter to you (or your group) that they work
for 2 years saving most of their money? Is it so that there is enough money
to purchase the land (1 1/2 shares of land if there is a sponsor whose land
will be paid for by 2 "renters")?
Where will everyone live between the 2 years and when the buildings are
What makes you think that working 1 weekend per month would be enough to pay
for food and utilities?
After building is complete, are members still "required" to only work 1
weekend per month?


On 6/8/06, Sustainable Community . <sustainable_community [at]>

Forming Cohousing  -- Economic Eco-Village

This plan will ask members to work at regular jobs for two years and save
most, if not all of their money. After two years, the members will buy
and materials for
standard stick built efficient homes. Each member will own their house and
control their own finances.
One weekend per month the members will work for food and utilities.
During the two years housing will be provided by a sponsor for the members
and in return the sponsor will receive one land portion for the two year
rental fee. During the two year period members will share a room with one
other person. Each member will be asked to participate in on going classes
for one or more construction skills. The details will be posted on a web
site (underdevelopment) and will be known by all members in detail prior
being accepted into the program. Modifications to the details and control
the common land will be done by the group during the two year period and
Final location has not been decided. The houses will be build to standard
building codes except to allow for clustering if wanted by the group. An
extensive application for membership will be required.
I am interested in comments on what I have put up here. A realize more
detail is needed for in depth comments.

Thank You ... Dean

Dean Fenton
Economic Eco-Village
Laurel Trail
Glastonbury CT 06033

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