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From: Stuart Joseph (
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 10:37:43 -0700 (PDT)
I would suggest getting the insurance. $1800.00 is a small price to pay, whatever the time frame, to protect yourselves and your project.

Think of the dangers that are inherent in your situation, especially during construction and the accidents that could happen with power tools, construction debris, etc.

If you got sued by someone that got hurt, not only could you lose your property and money if they won, but also consider the legal fees that you would have to pay.

Because other folks have taken a chance and not bought the insurance shouldn't affect your decision. I know in our area, we had a flood across the river in NH, and a number of folks didn't have flood insurance, their houses floated away, and now they have to figure out how they are going to rebuild.

There is an old joke about a farmer who gets arrested in the city for littering and is fined $2.00, but his lawyer tells him he can win the case. there are a number of things that happen and it escalates until the farmer is on death row. Through it all, the farmer keeps saying "pay the $2.00," and the lawyer keeps telling him they can win the case on appeal. In this case, with inflation, pay the $1800.00! <grin>

Leah wrote:
We are a 13 unit cohousing development that is expected to be completed in 
August. (by the way, we still have one unit available!) We have carried 
liability insurance from the time of construction until this week, at which 
time it runs out. At some point, we will be able to start our HOA insurance but 
we are thinking that won't be until construction is over in less than 2 months. 
The contractor has insurance but the insurance we had before would cover 
anything that was not considered the fault of the contractor and was blamed on 
us as the developers, including legal costs. For us to renew this it would be 
$1800 regardless of the fact that it is for such a short time. They would not 
reimburse us for using it for only part of the year. The insurance agent says 
most people don't get this kind of insurance and just take a chance that no one 
will get hurt. What have others done?
  Leah Schindler
Bear Creek Village Ashland, Oregon

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