"More email than some can keep up with"
From: Michael Whitman (Michael.WhitmanVALLEY.NET)
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 07:36:25 -0800 (PST)
--- Fred wrote:
Cohousing-L's biggest problem over the years has been that it produces more
email than some people can keep up with. 
--- end of quote ---

The biggest annoyance this reader has is that so many people don't take a moment
to "snip" a BRIEF quote from the message they are responding to, so their reply
(often a short reply) is followed by digital line-reams that dwarf the message.
Sometimes even quoted messaged are requoted and included.

This is particularly painfully illustrated in the Digest mode, with overly long
quotes occasionally making the Digest contain so many lines that it exceeds my
email's capacity to reproduce the whole digest.

Note the skilful snipping that Ann Z and Sharon V did earlier, when replying to
Fred's upodate on the Cohousing-L.

Fred has mentioned this to the list several times. Perhaps if it were added to
the Digest's opening header, more posters would remember to SNIP.


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