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From: Tim Mensch (
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 19:04:48 -0700 (PDT)
Kay Wilson Fisk wrote:
1) X hours/month/MEMBER; and
2) x hours/month/HOUSEHOLD
This can be almost a matter of religious debate, in my experience. I'm a member of the HOUSEHOLD religion. It feels profoundly unfair to me (not to mention creating lots of corner cases having to do with who to count as a "MEMBER", what the cost should be when members are on vacation, and needless accounting complexity) to change the responsibilities of a household based on number of adults.

Remember, just because there's an adult member doesn't mean that the member necessarily has free time. So why, if a household of three adults wants to buy out of their share, should it cost three times as much as, say, a household with one adult and four kids? It would be even worse if kids had community-assigned responsibilities that a household would need to buy out of if the kids, e.g., are buried under mounds of homework, as kids frequently are these days.

The strongest advocates of calculating hours on a per member basis, in my experience, have either been retired or single--make of that what you will. From my point of view, there shouldn't be a debate--HOA dues are typically calculated based on fractional ownership of the community (by some fixed equation), and I feel "buyout" money that is supposed to pay to maintain the community should be calculated in the same way. The only exception I've seen is when part of the HOA dues include, e.g., water bills, and those are divided by in part based on likely usage, which includes the number of members in a household--but do three adults really "use" the community more than a single parent of four kids?

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