Method for calculating Homeowners' Association dues in your cohousing community.
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:42:50 -0700 (PDT)
In a response to recent inquiry about HOA dues in cohousing communities I answered in part:

"In almost all communities the HOA dues for an individual household consists of one dollar amount that is the same for every household, and another dollar amount that varies by the square footage of the unit that the household owns. In a very few cases, the community will vary a part of the monthly dues on the number of persons residing in the unit, or in even fewer instances (perhaps only one or two in the nation) consideration is taken of "ability to pay" in setting one part of the dues"

I'm quite sure that my first sentence above is essentially factual. But I'm most interested in hearing about communities where at least part of the household's monthly dues are based on number of people (or number of adults) living in the home, on "ability to pay," or, for that matter on anything other than unit square footage.

Because of an issue that has arisen in my own community, I'm also interested in knowing what your CC and Rs say about the method / criteria you are supposed to use to calculate monthly fees/dues, and whether or not you stick strictly to those criteria / methods. Presumably, if you do not stick to them strictly, it is because you want to introduce more "fairness" into your system of paying for community expenses. Or perhaps there's another reason.

If you are willing to share this but would rather not post your response on this open listserve, please send the information to me: joani [at] and I will collect the information and report back to this listserve without revealing your name or your community's name.

Joani Blank

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