ready for move in cohousing community in seattle
From: Grace Kim (
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:02:12 -0700 (PDT)
There is a townhouse project facing Cal Anderson Park on Capital Hill
that is being auctioned off on August 28.


I've heard they are interested in selling to one developer who will
finish the project out (the exterior including landscaping is completely
done but interior is only framing - needs wiring, plumbing drywall and


The original sales prices are high but a recent auction of similar
quality condos by the Seattle Center (Lumen) saw units going for half
the original cost.

Pretty significant deals to be had.  


I walk by this site every day.  The Park is amazing...there's a great
playground and wading pool for kids; there are soccer fields, open
grassy areas, cool water feature and lots of benches for people
watching.  The neighborhood has convenient grocery stores, schools,
access to downtown and freeways.  And microsoft's shuttle bus picks up
on broadway just a quick walk across the park.


Anyone interested in living in cohousing in a REALLY urban but
wonderfully residential neighborhood?

If so, get a group together and contact the developer.

If you don't have a group but are seriously interested (especially if
you are financially able to participate), please contact me ASAP.




grace h kim aia, architect & cofounder

schemata workshop | empowering communities through architecture

1720 12th ave #3  seattle wa 98122  v 206 285 1589


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