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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:55:17 -0700 (PDT)
 My experience with cohousing for the last 15 years, is that it's always a 
challenge to "get" people to walk their talk, or follow agreements, as folks 
tend to do what they want to do, even taking into account that the idea is to 
create an intentional? community for the entire group... How you can approach 
getting folks to walk their talk depends on if you are a full consensus or 
majority community; being able to remind participants about agreements in a 
kind way when there is conflict is a step my community is trying to deal with 
currently ( ie: when things are going fine, there's no problem, but conflict 
arises from agreements of some kind being put aside in some way). If you are 
creating an intentional community based on cohousing principles it's reasonable 
for you to expect that agreements be remembered and followed, and I'm finding 
the next step is trying to find a way to have people who are in community for 
the "great" part also be involved in buying in to being willing to hear a kind 
reminder that they are not walking their talk.. making this part of the 
conversation is the point of conflict that I'm looking for a tool for. 
First step: I strongly suggest you get pledges to a clear mission statement, 
especially if you are considering consensus for your decision making. Consensus 
is the most rewarding practice I've been involved with, but has proved to be 
the most fragile, and a clear pledge to sustain it is a facet that you need to 
consider and incorporate clearly as a commitment and foundation principle. David



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Re: participation pledges...

I suspect that getting pledges would be less difficult than getting the
folks who do pledge to fully walk their talk as their life situations
shift... and they discover that their expectations about community life are
not the same as their actual experience.


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> While seeking "pledges" to participate is an excellent idea, obtaining them
> may be difficult.
> Michael Barrett
> Shadowlake Village - where some of us are preparing for our up-coming
> community camping trip.
> Blacksburg, VA
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>  We are thinking of implementing something we've seen in the membership
> > process of new groups who haven't yet moved in, which is a pledge to
> > honor our vision statement and actively participate in various
> > activities (work requirements, meal program)
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