East Bay Cohousing hosts "Permaculture for Renters" (and cohousers) next weekend (Berkeley, CA)
From: Raines Cohen (rc3-coho-Lraines.com)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 02:55:53 -0700 (PDT)
Wondering how you can participate in land-based solutions to social,
economic, and environmental crisis, without owning property? Confused about
where to start?

*East Bay Cohousing* is delighted to host a workshop that we think is
relevant also to homeowners, cohousers, condo-owners, co-op members, and
group house residents, with a *$20 discount* for paid supporting EBCOHO
members. Register by Monday if you want this to happen [I met the instructor
at the Village Building Convergence in Portland and he needs a full class to
justify the trip to the Bay Area].


For all of those folks who have thought or said "*I want to practice
Permaculture, but I don’t have any land*," *Permaculture for
* will provide a packed toolbox of strategies and methods that can be used
anywhere: on *balconies*, while *traveling*, in *tiny sideyards*, *indoors*,
on *rooftops*, and more!

Over the *two day workshop*, participants will come together with diverse
members of their community to engage their *heads, hearts, and hands* in
learning a wide range of useful concepts and techniques that they can
integrate into their lives no matter who they are or where they live.

This is a great opportunity for anyone searching for a way to be more
effective in creating a more ecologically and social just world. *Students,
couchsurfers, renters, travelers*, and even *landlords* will come away from
the weekend feeling inspired and empowered.

Some of the topics covered in the course include:

   - The Ethics and Principles of Permaculture, and how non-Land-Holders can
   Live By Them
   - How to Create Edible Plant Micro-Nurseries to Pay Your Rent and
   Food-Forest Your Town
   - Food Gardening in Small Spaces
   - Mobile Container Gardens
   - Plant Propagation
   - Small-Space Edible Mushroom Cultivation
   - Guerrilla Gardening
   - Land Access for Renters: Creating Interdependent Communities of
   Land-Owners and Non-Land-Owners

Additionally, you will leave with:

   - Nursery stock and mushroom spawn to propagate.
   - A web-based ‘virtual binder’ of readings and resources for further

*About the Instructor*

*Leonard Barrett* is a landscape designer, contractor, educator, and renter
based in *Portland, OR.* Through his firm, *Barrett Ecological Services*, he
has collaborated on land planning projects with some of the region's best
and brightest in sustainable design, including *Mark Lakeman* (*
Communitecture*) and BEAM Development. Most recently he has been a visiting
professor in the Environmental Studies department at Pacific University,
teaching a 3-credit course entitled “*Landscape Master Planning: A
Permaculture Perspective*.”
The workshop fee is $150-200 sliding scale for the whole 2-day workshop,
with single-day options available. Current paid East Bay Cohousing
supporting members can deduct $20.
Learn more and RSVP via East Bay Cohousing:

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