Re: Professor Gates, the policeman, and community
From: Deborah Nagle-Burks (
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 10:03:59 -0700 (PDT)
As a person born in Cambridge and as a former Cambridge resident I am
deeply touched by this response Diane, thank you for your intelligent
On an economic note I suggest that your exact response be used as an
excellent example of how to 'sell' cohousing to people across the
nation. Really,
Deborah, San Francisco.

On 7/24/09, Diane <dianeclaire [at]> wrote:
>  Sitting here in Cambridge Cohousing and watching our fair city
>  becoming the center of a national controversy, I can't help thinking
>  that if the spirit of cohousing had spread to other neighborhoods in
>  Cambridge the whole sad episode might not have happened.   Let us
>  imagine that in Professor Gate's neighborhood, a neighborhood by the
>  way where the percentage of Harvard professors is probably the highest
>  in the world, there had been years of neighborhood meetings and years
>  of block parties so that the neighbors knew each other.   Then whoever
>  it was who called the police would have known that Professor Gates
>  lived in that house and instead of calling the police would have gone
>  over to greet the professor, ask how his trip had been, say how nice
>  it was to have him back, ask what was wrong with the door, and helped
>  him to get into his house.   That's what would have happened in a
>  cohousing community if someone saw their neighbor struggling with a
>  front door.
>  Diane Margolis, Cambridge Cohousing and board member of COHO/US
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