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Replying to mini-cohousing
This should be another cohousing style and be a positive alternative.

In caution, this level of inter-family intimacy also gives me pause.  I have
to qualify my reaction (emotional, not logistical) that I live in S.
America.  Here, there is a high level of male infidelity and abuse of a
partner's children that keeps smart mothers from introducing another man
into the house until daughters are grown.  In more civilized (that's a
legitimate use of the word in this morality discussion) situations in
whatever culture, there is less of this and healthy minded families can
bring it off I would think.  Also it seems that the risk of an "alpha
family" emerging could be a more real discomfort than in larger cohousing
that would be economically hard to escape, harder to sell your share.
Sorry to sound a sour note but its a consideration.

-  Bill
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