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This is intended mainly for Diane: Thank you for your excellent response to
my questions about group households or, as I am preferring to call it,
mini-cohousing.  And, once again, thanks to all the other people who have
participated in this conversation.

The idea of setting up a homeowners' association makes a lot of sense, and I
think that that is the option to explore.

As far as finding prospective members, we are networking through members of
Pioneer Valley Cohousing here in Amherst.  (We are also putting our names on
the waiting list for a unit at PVC, but there is no telling when a house
might become available.  And there is the issue of cost...)  The
Amherst-Northampton area is quite progressive, and many people already have
some idea of what cohousing is all about: There are at least 4 such
communities in the area.)

But I'm still unsure of the best way to get the word out.  Pioneer Valley
Cohousing started with one of the founding member's placing an ad in the
local papers in 1989.  We'll continue to put up flyers.  Any other ideas?



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On Monday, July 27, 2009 wrote Diana Leafe Christian

> Hello,
> Alex asks if anyone has had experience with what he called mini-
> cohousing. Yes, hundreds, if not thousands have lived in co-owned or
> co-rented urban or suburban shared group households, including, at one
>time, myself.

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