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As we look for new members for Pinnacle Project (Lyme, NH) we find that people with experience in group houses provide a wonderful resource. My husband and I lived in 2 different group homes - one was a rental with a supportive landlord. The second was a home we bought and then rented out rooms to our housemates. When we moved away with our (then) 3 sons it was clear that our boys idea of family had developed to include our housemates. Those experiences are one of the reasons we are moving back to group living. We believe cohousing has elements that promote long term sustainability that I don't believe the coops and other group living of my youth (and the various intentional communities like Amana, etc) were able to provide.

A couple of books from an earlier period of group living include "Lee Goldstein's Communes and Common Sense: A Legal Manual for Communities" and Eric Rainy's "Shared Houses, Shared Lives: the New Exended Families and How they Work". liz

Liz Ryan Cole
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I have been reading most of the posts on this subject and would like to chime in. During the course of my recent research project in the area of
shared housing among older adults I discovered a wonderful book
entitled:Â "The Sharing Solution How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life,
and Build Community" by Janelle Orsi and Emily Doskow.  This book
includes chapters addressing the legal aspects of shared housing.

Secondly, articles on this subject have appeared in mainstream publications:

Women Turn to Alternative Housing to Meet Retirement Needs -- by Lisa
Scherzer in SmartMoney September 21, 2007 alternative-housing-to-meet-retirement-needs-21857/

Meet the Real Golden Girls by Mary Beth Franklin, Senior Editor for
Kiplinger May 2007

This is definitely a hot housing trend that will have folks taking notice.

Former Trillium Hollow Cohousing resident, currently living in a house
share arrangement in Portland Oregon

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Alex Kent <alex.m.kent [at]>

But I'm still unsure of the best way to get the word out.  PioneerÂ
Valley Cohousing started with one of the founding member's placing an ad in the local papers in 1989. We'll continue to put up flyers. Any
other  ideas?

The standard responses remain: flyers, flyers, flyers. In UnitarianÂ
churches, Ethical Culture, possibly Quaker. Chiropractor's offices,Â
food coops, coffees shops. Perhaps coop nursery schools and day careÂ
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