Land suitable for cohousing available in Littleton, MA
From: Dwight A. Ernest (
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 06:22:46 -0700 (PDT)
At a land trust conference not too very long ago, I was approached by
someone who said she was sympathetic to and supportive of cohousing,
who said she owned land with her brother that she was seeking to offer
to a cohousing group. As my group already had land, I told her I would
be happy to circulate word about its availability.

The landowners are Pamela Kimball and Wayne Kimball. Here is what they
have to say about it:

"The land is wooded with open land interspersed.  The land currently
has a variety of ecosystem types including pine and mixed hardwood
forest, a stream and wetland area buffering the property along one of
the two roadsides, a hill with the housing sites all located on the
upper area with the wetlands predominantly below.  The property has a
skating pond, vegetable garden space, a 4 bay 2 story barn, sloped
yard area (which has been utilized as a sliding hill), open field area
(good for sports).  The property is located closeby the commuter rail
to Boston and convenient to Rts 495 and 2.  The drive to Boston is 35
minutes.  There is town water currently located at the end of Crane

"A couple of details about the land that I think would be of use are
that there are 4 successful percs with septic designs completed
currently for single family housing in addition to the existing house.
 We have gone through all of the permitting for the lots, a shared
driveway and subdivision of the land.  So if there was a group that
wanted to build 4 homes near each other and share a group home with
combined facilities for laundry, a larger kitchen and eating area
which could be utilized for larger gatherings or events we have done
all of the permitting work for this structure.  The existing colonial
house could be utilized as a group space or as another residence
(current use 3,000 sq ft private residence).

"If a group wanted to have clustered housing units the Town of
Littleton does have an Open Space Development provision by-law to
allow clustered units for parcels over 10 acres."

For more information, contact them at <kimball [at]> and
<wayne.kimball [at]>, or if you don't want to get directly
involved with the sellers, I can provide you a site map and some

-Dwight Ernest
Mosaic Commons Cohousing in Sawyer Hill Ecovillage
(We are looking for neighbors!)
Berlin MA USA      +1.860.532.0650
dwighternest [at]

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