the concept of cohousing v. actual cohousing
From: Karen Kudia (
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 17:10:28 -0800 (PST)

Recession sure has had and is having an impact on many. I would like to sell, and move into co-housing but the market here in Florida has been hit hard and not much is kinda stuck for the moment. No easy answers some of us are stuck trying to move into co-housing, some trying to start a co-housing...some in the middle...and others in established communities...there is a wealth and continuum to who we are. Its all so individual, a loss of job brings upheaval in many facets. I think the discussion on meals preparation was very helpful on the how's and what works for various communities.

Can you lead the way, and explain exactly what the issues you face on a practical level...which State you live in (regulations will vary per State)...size of your group (forgive me if I have missed this information in previous posts of yours)...just refresh our minds...and see were this leads. We all learn something in the discussion, and it will be valuable. Sometimes it just takes one idea to birth a solution.

Cool in central Florida, sunny but no snow....we have been below our average temperature...although most days it is sunny, which gives a lift to the soul. Although in the snow filled climates, I image fires burning, reading aloud, hot chocolate, tea with brandy...and just a slowing of life.

Anthony, Florida

This may be the issue for some folks on the list. For me personally, the
issue is how can my community begin and complete construction. I am more
interested in real life examples of what has and/or hasn't worked, than in
conceptual and/or theoretical discussions. I value conceptual discussions
and have spent plenty of time parsing language, but at the moment, the
challenge of "getting it built" is actually really challenging.
Enough from me. I hope that everyone has a sunny (and snow-free) day.

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