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It sounds really huge on paper doesn't it? Some of these elements are 3'x3'. like the composting. Paula is good at details.


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Hi Sharon,

        Wow, I didn't realize how extensive your common space is at Takoma

David Heimann
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Low energy costs are attributable to the energy-efficient geothermal
heating and cooling system, and a desuperheater connected to the water heater (which effectively heats water in the tank with residual energy
when the air conditioner is running).

Shared amenities in and around the Common House include: large dining
room and kitchen, cozy fire-place nook and sun-room, young children?s
play room, older children?s hang-out room, large workshop, office
space complete with communal office equipment, laundry room with
utility sink and two large washers and driers, exercise room, upper
level porch, take-it-or-leave-it corner, two guest rooms, hot tub,
composting facility, fenced yard for active outdoor play, and recycling.

TVC gets a ?Walk Score? of 88 out of 100 (see
because of our close proximity to shops, restaurants, and amenities in
downtown Takoma Park (including, among others, the fabulous Video
Americain, a Post Office, gift and specialty shops, cleaners, pet
store, drug store, clothing and furniture shops, the Takoma Park Food
Co-op, and the year-round Sunday Takoma Park Farmer?s Market), and the
Takoma, DC neighborhood (a corner market, Cedar Crossing Tavern,
Mayorga Coffeehouse, My Little Bistro, and ample recreation facilities
two blocks away including an Olympic-size swimming pool?free to DC
residents?tennis courts, playground, running track, and ball fields).

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