Re: "Community guests" in CH guest rooms
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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 08:06:23 -0700 (PDT)
Just to set the record straight on Cambridge Cohousing :-).

We have two guest rooms that share a bath.  One has a double bed, the other
has 2 singles and a bunk bed  (four beds in all).  We charge $25/night/rm
for friends and relatives (people who you'd have in your unit if you had the
space) and $50/night/rm for others (people who request through this list
serve or our web page, colleagues, etc.)  Every guest must have a sponsor
who is responsible for checking them in and out, giving and getting the keys
and the $$$ and making sure the room is in good order when the guest leaves.
 Guests may choose to clean the room themselves (following a strict
protocol) or pay $25 to have a cohouser (who takes on the job) clean the


On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Sharon Villines <sharon [at]
> wrote:

> On 30 Jun 2011, at 9:17 AM, Eris Weaver wrote:
> > RE: "community" guests - we require that ANY guest be sponsored by
> someone
> > in the community - that person is in charge of letting the guest know our
> > rules and customs, cleaning the room after, etc. When someone who isn't a
> > personal friend of a resident requests a visit, we put it out to the
> > community to see if anyone is willing to sponsor. Most of the time
> someone
> > steps up, otherwise we have to say no. We don't make the rules any
> different
> > for any category of guest.
> We do the same at Takoma Village. Someone just needs to be responsible for
> anyone visiting anywhere in the community.
> We don't charge for guest rooms because _some_ of us believe, also the same
> as FrogSong, that the guest rooms are an amenity that is already paid for
> and we don't charge extra to use other amenities. We do, however, ask for a
> donation of $25 a night and many people do collect this. I collect from
> guests that I might be sponsoring but do not pay for my personal guests.
> Cambridge Cohousing, I hear, has much nicer guest rooms that they do charge
> to use, but we don't have independent cleaning or a budget for upgrading
> furnishings as they do. Ours are vintage thrift store with not great
> mattresses. We have members quietly pushing for the Cambridge style.
> We do have hugely unequal use of the guest rooms. A survey a few years ago
> revealed that one household (of 43) used the rooms 40+ nights a year, others
> none, with an average of 14. Some of us would like a system where each
> household has a certain number of free nights and then borrows nights from
> others or pays. We are in DC which has not only many museums (the zoo is
> also a museum) with no admission fees, is also a place for people's children
> to see your government in action, and the site of many demonstrations and
> civil rights actions. Thus we have a greater demand from "non-personal"
> guests.
> (I rarely use the guest rooms either way because I'm the world's worst
> host. I get too engrossed in my writing or whatever and forget about them.)
> Sharon
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