Energy demand is the problem
From: ehrbar (
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 10:25:37 -0700 (PDT)
Norm Gauss just sent a list of climate denier talking points
to the list.  There are web sites where all these talking
points are debunked in detail.  Here are just two of the
most egregious of Norm's errors:

> The energy generating capacity of wind, solar, moving
> water, etc. is a drop in the bucket compared with what
> people want to consume.

Not true.  Today's energy consumption (to be more precise,
consumption of exergy, also called 'available' energy), is
less than 1 percent of the flow of high grade energy
reaching the planet from the sun.  (It's an even smaller
percentage, I am speaking here from memory.)

> Plus, all these technologies produce heat and so does the
> consumption of electricity.  How will all this heat be
> dissipated?

The heat which a CO2 molecule prevents from escaping from
the earth through the greenhouse effect is tens of thousands
times more than the combustion heat generating this molecule.
One can say carbon combustion is a gift that keeps giving.

I will stop here and not continue the discussion,
since it is off topic for this list.

Hans G Ehrbar
Wasatch Commons, SLC

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