Energy demand is the problem
From: Norman Gauss (
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 10:02:47 -0700 (PDT)
Has it ever occurred to the critics of Big Oil that the profits made by Big
Oil may benefit you and me because they can be used for exploration and
development of new technologies so that we can have more cheap gasoline?
With lower profits, energy companies are less able to invest in new
technologies and to explore for new fossil fuel deposits.

As for energy, the earth will not be able to handle all the energy
generation that people want in the industrialized world.  The more energy we
generate, the more pollution we will have.  The energy generating capacity
of wind, solar, moving water, etc. is a drop in the bucket compared with
what people want to consume.   Only fossil and nuclear sources can begin to
satisfy the huge demand for energy.

If we use nuclear  technology to produce electricity, we have radiation and
heat.  If we burn coal, natural gas, and oil, to produce electricity, we
have carbon emissions and heat.   If we burn gasoline and diesel fuel in our
vehicles, we have more heat and more carbon emissions.  These are the most
likely sources of energy to come along for many years.  All alternate
sources have not been demonstrated to be able to make a dent in satisfying
the insatiable demand for energy.  Plus, all these technologies produce heat
and so does the consumption of electricity.  How will all this heat be

What are the main byproducts of consuming energy?   Heat and carbon
emissions.  The more energy we consume, the more heat the earth has to get
rid of.  The study of the causes of global warming includes the heat
generated plus the greenhouse effect from carbon emissions.

Norm Gauss

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