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Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 19:21:20 -0700 (PDT)
CoHo and RPD

Not to worry--technology (air-conditioning, etc.) will save us!

On the other hand, one searches in vain (at least I do) for the causes (Fred Flintstone) and effects of the Paleozoic climate--(oceanic currents/circulation, "explosion" of plant life, etc.). We could get hysterical about hysteresis, and no doubt human folly is in some part responsible for increases in atmospheric CO2, but the buffering effects of photosynthetic organisms may be an important element in the equation too. An excellent reason for not buying teak, mahogany, and other products that require the destruction of tropical forests, perhaps one of the most important CO2 sinks (the cheapest, easiest form of sequestration, just not technological?) in the world.


"Technological progress is like an axe [machine-gun, ad nauseam] in the hands of a pathological criminal." --Albert Einstein

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I have no doubt that many of the powers-that-be wish to emphasize the continuing, possibly even perpetual importance of fossil fuels, particularly oil and natural gas. But to the extent we insist on these resources as critical to our economic future ... (a) we will support dictatorships, and bomb third world countries, to ensure access to "affordable" supplies; and (b) we will extract CO2 from the ground (placed there a by several years of photosynthesis), and put it back in the sky where it came from, returning our worldwide ecology to something closer to the atmospheric conditions of the Paleozoic. (When it was hot, and hard to breathe.)

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On Jul 16, 2011, at 3:57 PM, Norman Gauss wrote:

The Dept. of Energy has compiled a graphical representation of energy
sources now in the future.

If you can display the above webpage on your computer, you will see that the sources of energy are listed in order of decreasing importance as follows:
1. Liquid (Oil mainly)
2. Coal
3. Natural Gas
4. Renewables (Wind, Water, Solar)
5. Nuclear

Anyone who believes that non-fossil sources of energy are the wave of the
future should take a look at this chart.

Norm Gauss

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